It’s estimated that 30-40% of supervisors and managers daily activities are devoted to dealing with conflicts in the workplace.  Employee disputes, bullying, and personality conflicts can be painful, destructive, disruptive and costly to individuals and organisations. 

  • 85 percent of employees deal with conflict on some level
  • 49 percent of conflict is a result of personality clashes 
  • 9 percent have seen workplace conflict cause a project to fail

Solutions Coaching provides an independent informal mediation/resolution service to de-escalate conflict and resolve interpersonal conflict, saving organisations thousands of dollars in lost time, HR investigations, formal employment processes, recruitment costs, personal grievances and litigation.  

We work with employees to:

  • increase understanding
  • find common ground 
  • create win/win solutions that lead to improved outcomes for individuals and businesses.

Managed well, conflict is an opportunity for change and transformation; an invitation for personal and organisational growth

Carina Gwynne
Professional Development Coach
BSc (psyc), BAppSocSci (couns), AMCDANZ, AHRINZ