Complex people problems in the workplace?

Solutions Coaching addresses workplace problems through tailored coaching programs that take you and your people to the next level.

In other words, we help your people do what they do, better. 

We do this by focusing on people, performance and potential.


People are an organisation’s single greatest resource, and the greatest challenge.  Investing in the teamwork and performance of your people just makes good business sense.

WORKPLACE MEDIATION provides an independent informal service to resolve team conflict, bullying, and personality  differences, before they escalate to HR investigations or formal employment processes. 


Consistent optimal functioning is critical to an organisation’s success.  Counselling works to remove the barriers – stress, poor time-management, fatigue, communication problems – that severely impact performance.

WORKPLACE COUNSELLING supports employees working through mental health concerns, work/life balance, relationship issues, and personal difficulties.


Inspiring your people to access their potential creates a more resilient, motivated, innovative, and engaged workforce, giving you the edge in a competitive business market.

WORKPLACE COACHING assists employees wanting to improve performance, achieve goals, enhance time-management, prioritisation and leadership skills, progress their career, and develop their potential.

Do what matters. Do it better.

What our customers have to say ...

Workplace Coaching with Carina has been an opportunity to explore options, and pathways that I hadn’t previously considered.  She helped challenge me, and offered non-judgemental advice.  I consider my experience with Workplace Coaching and Carina a highlight in my career, and time that I looked forward to in my work week”

Peter Frew
Corporate Services Programme Leader – Data and Processes, Tasman District Council

“Carina from Solutions Coaching is amazing, she helped me see through my challenges and break them down in to smaller achievable goals. I also invited her to a staff meeting to explain how she could help my staff with one of her sessions and I 100% see the benefits of work place coaching, it prevents all sorts of challenges. I highly recommend Carina from Solutions Coaching.”

Sarah Nyssen
Owner, Elise Hair & Beauty

“Carina provided on-site workplace coaching sessions that were available to all our staff.  I was very impressed with how quickly Carina established her credibility and was able to build up a ‘client base’ of people at various stages of their careers who sought her coaching skills and support to help them be more successful in their roles.”

Joanna Cranness
Human Resources Manager, Tasman District Council

“With Carina’s input I have developed as a manager and with my people interactions to a space I hadn’t thought possible beforehand. Carina has the ability to let you see the situation from the outside, and explore options to address the issues I was facing. I found working with Carina a delight, she enabled me to see matters from a holistic view and consider actions to put into place. ”

Russell Holden
Finance Manager, Tasman District Council