Want to thrive instead of just survive?

We support people dealing with personal or professional challenges.

Complex people problems in the workplace? We work with employers to support employees so they can get back to doing what they do. Better.

Because happier people do better work. And the world needs our best work.

What do we offer?


Supporting People

Mediation provides an independent low-key service to resolve challenging interpersonal conflict before it escalates to painful,
disruptive, and costly HR investigations or
formal employment processes.


Improving Performance

Counselling works to remove the barriers that severely impact performance and helping employees work through relationship issues, work/life balance, stress, personal difficulties, and mental health concerns.


Fulfilling Potential

Coaching supports employees to improve performance, achieve goals, enhance  leadership skills, and develop their potential. This creates a more resilient, motivated, innovative, and engaged workforce.

How can this benefit your business?

Improved employee performance and productivity – including upgraded time-management skills and increased personal effectiveness.

Higher employee motivation and increased workplace engagement – including enhanced teamwork and communication skills.

Increased ability for employees to think strategically and focus on solutions rather than problems, because happier people do better work.

What do our customers have to say?

“Carina provided on-site workplace coaching sessions that were available to all our staff.  I was very impressed with how quickly Carina established her credibility and was able to build up a ‘client base’ of people at various stages of their careers who sought her coaching skills and support to help them be more successful in their roles.”- Joanna Cranness, Human Resources Manager
“Carina from Solutions Coaching is amazing, she helped me see through my challenges and break them down in to smaller achievable goals. I also invited her to a staff meeting to explain how she could help my staff with one of her sessions and I 100% see the benefits of work place coaching, it prevents all sorts of challenges. I highly recommend Carina from Solutions Coaching.” – Sarah Nyssen 
“Carina helped me get to grips with a challenging workload whilst leading a new team at the forefront of the Council’s relationship with the communities it serves.  In doing so we investigated and reaffirmed my motivation and created and reimagined tools to manage the essential balance between my aspirations, the needs of the team and the appropriate leadership to deliver for the Council.  Time well invested.” – Chris Choat, Community Relations Manager