In the current business climate, demands are increasing, and expectations are higher, both personally and professionally.  With rapidly changing workplaces, technological advances and the global economy, you’ve got the perfect recipe for feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to rise to the challenge.

At Solutions Coaching we focus on understanding your needs, providing a safe space to step back, assess where you are, and realign with where you want to go.  We tailor individual workplace counselling programs that focus on issues such as:

  • work/life balance, burnout and resilience,
  • mental health, motivation, wellbeing and personal issues,
  • workplace conflict and communication skills
  • support with health and safety compliance issues such as stress and bullying.
  • support in managing employee transitions in times of change and restructuring.

Create the change you are seeking, personally and professionally

Carina Gwynne
Professional Development Coach
BSc (psyc), BAppSocSci (couns), AMCDANZ, AHRINZ